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Over Allocation Alerts



  • Mario Noronha

    Hello there,

    I have a question on the "overallocations?" column in the project -> View tasks.

    I have a resource who has been assigned to a tasks for 8 hrs on 8th Oct 2018.

    We have added the same resource to another tasks on the same day for 8 hrs.

    When trying to save it gives a prompt that the the resource is overallocated and a button to overrride allocation conflicts is provided. I press on this button to assign the resource to the tasks and be overallocated.


    I have added the column "Over Allocations?" to the view but cannot see the red icon that you have shown in your video. I am not sure what i am doing incorrectly

    can you 




  • Mario Noronha

    Can you guide me if there is any specific settings that need to be applied due to which i am not able to view this?


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