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Resource View on Projects - Make Editable




  • Amy McDonough

    Submitted by Richard Finnigan on 6/10/2021

    As Part of Making the Resource View Editable Please Include Comments and other Options

         As part of the request 
    Resource View on Projects - Make Editable
       submitted by Amy McDonough please include:
    • the ability to modify the view
    • the ability to group/sort add all fields on the user record including custom fields
    • the ability to add comments about the resource specific to that project
  • Amy McDonough

    This Feature Request was also discussed in PI's Office Hours on Wednesday, June 9, with Fernando.  He mentioned that in order to move forward with the request, he would first need review regarding the level of effort, and then approval by his team.

  • Dylan Wright

    Hi Amy and Office Hours group,

    We are planning this into our next Sprint in January of 2022. Please keep an eye on our Release Notes for further updates in 2022!

    Kind regards,


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