Use Work Hours Remaining to calculate resource loading. Completed
14 votes 6 comments
A "Master Schedule" feature
9 votes 0 comments
Create Folders for Reports
8 votes 2 comments
Delete a resource from a project Completed
8 votes 5 comments
Customer Gantt View
8 votes 0 comments
Allow "Not" Logic on Report Filtering
8 votes 2 comments
Add a bulk edit feature at the project level
7 votes 4 comments
Report for PTO time that resources have entered. Planned
7 votes 0 comments
A Risk Matrix Completed
7 votes 2 comments
Agile Burn down charts & Reports Planned
7 votes 7 comments
Built in Vacation Scheduler Completed
7 votes 3 comments
Add Bulk Edit Option for Task Delete
6 votes 0 comments
Add bulk edit menu feature to all reports
6 votes 0 comments
Task assignment report: Average the actual hours spent on tasks with the same name for accurate templates
6 votes 0 comments
6 votes 0 comments
A 'read only' version of Client View User
6 votes 8 comments
Report on the History of a Project Completed
6 votes 4 comments
Highlight recent changes to the Task List
6 votes 0 comments
A Project Home Page Completed
6 votes 5 comments
Color coding throughout Project Insight's application Completed
6 votes 4 comments
Portfolios: Strategic vs. Tactical
6 votes 4 comments
All apporval requests should be approved before a task can be closed
6 votes 3 comments
Custom fields: Able to column-sort custom fields on task list and work list
5 votes 1 comment
Resource View on Projects - Make Editable Planned
5 votes 3 comments
Team Work List Report
5 votes 2 comments
Timesheet Approval Delegation or Routing to Another Manager
5 votes 0 comments
A new Cross Project TASK Gantt chart Planned
5 votes 3 comments
In-line visibility of Work Hours by Resource, Project Task List Completed
5 votes 2 comments
Resource Peak Loading % in Task List view
5 votes 1 comment