Custom Notification - adding Folder Name Answered
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A 'read only' version of Client View User
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Getting Custom Field values for Project, how to (On Prem, Web API, C#)
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Task ID Completed
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Shortcut report Completed
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Use Work Hours Remaining to calculate resource loading. Completed
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Getting Tasks for a single Project (On Prem, Web API, C#)
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API to Retrieve Individual Resource Work Status
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A Project Home Page Completed
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Remove "http://" prefix in "Add/Edit Link" page Answered
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API to get User information
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Automated unsubmitted timesheet email Completed
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Getting project LastComment, not workng as expected (On Prem, Web API, C#)
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Isssue PI Adding Files
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Delete a resource from a project Completed
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Bulk Task Edit Completed
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Add a bulk edit feature at the project level
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Report on the History of a Project Completed
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Project Insight for Microsoft Teams Completed
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Roll up Resource report by Project first, then Resource
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Hiding % Allocation for Resources on Task Lists Completed
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Color coding throughout Project Insight's application Completed
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Is there a way to synch "resource" and "task owner" column?
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Portfolio and Program Level Reporting
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Connect PI with Power BI
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Updating Custom fields added to a Project - API's
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