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Add a bulk edit feature at the project level



  • Rachel Conner

    Details would be, when navigating folders, have a bulk edit option to bulk edit:

    • Prefix and suffix text of the project name.
    • Start date.
    • Project status.
    • Project type.
    • Project company.
    • Project rate card.
    • Project department.
    • Primary project manager.
    • Project Product spec.
    • Archive.
  • Rachel Conner

    Bulk editing project colors would also be WONDERFUL!

  • Rachel Conner

    Also Bulk Edit to change a project's Task Default Settings (yesterday, I spent 3 hours doing this MANUALLY via click-into-new-tab-from-a-project-report) to 98 projects because some how they all had the wrong Task Default Settings).

  • Rachel Conner

    Bulk Edit in a Report would also be GOLDEN. Because I could have Bulk Edited this change all in the report so fast. 


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