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Project Insight for Microsoft Teams




  • Official comment
    Margaret Campbell

    We're in the final stages of approval now from Microsoft.

  • Dylan Wright

    To all those who are interested in the MS Teams Integration with PI, we are still pending final approval from Microsoft. We will post a comment update on this page when we have a scheduled date for live release of the integration.

  • Dylan Wright

    As of Monday 8/16 we have received approval from the Microsoft pre-review team in India and the application has been submitted for final review. Our next post will notify when that final review has taken place!

  • Dylan Wright

    To all those who have been waiting for the day to come, we are happy to announce that the MS Teams Integration for PI has finally been approved and is available in the App Store!

    We will be working on some videos and content to go out in our September newsletters but we wanted to inform those who have been waiting for the integration so that we can start getting feedback.

    See more on the Microsoft Teams Integration intro page!


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