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Add ability to bulk edit task names



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    Margaret Campbell

    Well, we fixed the ability to bulk edit Constraint Type with the Task List Bulk Editor in 19.3.1.

    @Kristin, I know that isn't the prefix and suffix request, but it turns out that request is more complicated because the field does not already exist in the Task List. We haven't abandoned this request. Keep watching the community for updates and let's get some votes!!

    If YOU ... yes YOU ... have a suggestion for the Task List Bulk Editor, add it in the comments below! We're happy to hear from you!

  • Margaret Campbell

    "Constraint Type" should also be Bulk Editable

  • Rose Champagnie

    Agreed! Especially important because many tasks are repeated in the same project or across multiple jobs so this can get confusing in work view or when trying to add time to a specific task.


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