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Hiding % Allocation for Resources on Task Lists




  • Official comment
    Margaret Campbell

    This has been done as of our last release: 20.1.1

  • Wes Kliewer

    I am working with our PI team to investigate options for hiding the percentage value which displays next to the assigned resources. The built-in exception is for resources assigned 100%, which then does not show. Any other assignment will show the percentage. For example, "John Doe (50%)" if John is assigned to a 5 day task with 20 hours of work and John works a 40 hour week. Not everybody wants or needs to see this percentage exception on every resource for every task.

  • Wes Kliewer

    We could not find a shortcut, but please keep the votes coming on this. We have to remove the setting/display as an option.

  • Aaron Sonego


    I would like to upvote this feature as it is important to be able to remove the percent of tasks completed by the task owner. We would like this to be an option to remove as it is not important when used in a csv export.



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