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Color coding throughout Project Insight's application




  • Official comment
    Margaret Campbell

    Here's the problem with this post: We've just released ONE of the possible color-coding options. You can now color code Projects and Tasks to show up on the Gantt chart, folder view, Task List view, etc.

    That does not solve ALL the color-coding requests. So keep those ideas coming!!!!

  • Barreda, Jesus

    Charts will be perfect!!

  • Margaret Campbell

    Thanks Jesus!

    I see that you put that request here: Thanks for letting us know.

    I've been tasked with consolidating where the color-coding would be most helpful, so I'm making note of the request for custom colors on charts.

  • Margaret Campbell

    In addition to Jesus's comment, there are also the following requests to consolidate:


    Baseline End Date - a color to indicate when date changes

    Project Status Page - apply colors to affiliated todos, issues, or important fields

    Color Coding Calendar - apply the project's color to the calendar

    Indicate if task owner on Dashboard/Task List


    Where else would you like to "color-code" Project Insight fields and items?


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