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Is there a way to synch "resource" and "task owner" column?



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    Wes Kliewer

    A task owner and a resource are the same thing so there is no need to synch the two. Upgrading to PI#enterprise does allow for customization to task actions that can differentiate between a task owner and an additional resource, but even PI#enterprise resources rarely differentiate between the two.

    A task owner is usually the first resource added to the task and additional resources are just that, additional resources on the same task. They're all equally resources, task owners and additional resources, with the same capability to update the tasks assigned to themselves using the work status updates. They can all add time entries to the task as well if you have opted for the time entry add-on.

  • Olivia Soucier

    Thanks Wes! Do you know if someone uses both columns and have different names in each column, will it automatically be the same or do we need to manually sync them up so the two columns match?

  • Wes Kliewer

    Good question. They are merged or separated automatically in reports. For example, a task report with Resources in the column selections and not Task Owner will show the task owner and additional resources in that same Resources column. Add the Task Owner to that same report and it removes the Task Owner from the Resources column and keeps them in separate columns.

    This function is there for those who choose to differentiate for their own reporting purpose. If your organization chooses to assign one person who is ultimately responsible for the task management over the other resources, you can use this feature for reporting that difference. PI doesn't functionally differentiate between them for any specific feature or usage purpose.

  • Faizanul Huda

    This thread is two years old, so wanted to check if there is any change in Task Owner Role or they have same access as other Task Resources.


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