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Holding a project at a certain task


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    Margaret Campbell

    There is! In the advanced tab of the Task Edit screen, the very last option is to allow for "Auto-Rescheduling":

    As you can imagine, this could potentially mess up your project plan because dates are moving on their own, but the your example above is the EXACT USE CASE for this feature.

    How it works:

    • Go to the Task that's DEPENDENT on the "Client Provides Comments" task
    • Set the "Delay Task until the Predecessors are marked complete" option
    • "Increase Delay by" asks you how many days to push the task (usually set to 1d at a time)
    • If you leave the "Re-calculate When" field blank, it will move the task on the task's scheduled start date; therefore, you can say "Don't push the task unless it's X number of days passed the scheduled start date"

    Let us know if that solves the challenge!! Happy scheduling!

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