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Shortcut report




  • Official comment
    Margaret Campbell

    This feature has been completed:

  • Virginia Espana

    Got an update on this request?

  • Wes Kliewer

    Thank you for your request Virginia. I have heard similar requests and encourage anybody with similar requirements to participate in this request. More specifically, let's say you have SharePoint folder structures for each project. It would be nice to have a report listing your projects along with the link to SharePoint for each one without having to navigate through each project documents section first.

  • PI Marketing

    Hi Virginia,

    You should be able to run a Shortcut report right from the Reports screen:

    1. Click the Reports icon (the pie chart) in the header
    2. Click Miscellaneous
    3. Click Create Search

    4. In the Advanced Search Options, expand the Type drop-down and scroll to the bottom to find the Shortcut menu item; add it to the option list. Make any other additional filter selections and click the Search button

    5. You'll be presented a list of Shortcuts based on your query. You can always go back and re-adjust the Search criteria by selecting the Display icon

    Hope that helps!

    Happy Shortcut hunting!

  • Virginia Espana


    This type of report is not really working for me, what will really help is to have the same display options as the File Reports.



  • Jim Fuhring

    I'm using shortcuts to provide a link to third party vendors who are PMs for our projects. The shortcut allows me to provide them visibility to only the projects they need visibility / editing rights to. Having the ability to report on shortcuts would be useful for security audits. 

  • Wes Kliewer

    The shortcut report is now available! Please try it and post suggestions here if you'd like changes or enhancements. As requested, we modeled the report very close to the file report interface.


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