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Portfolio and Program Level Reporting



  • Margaret Campbell

    Most teams use Custom Fields for Program and Portfolio labels:

    Custom fields can be dropdown boxes if your labels are fixed OR a text box to allow free-form typing.

  • PI Marketing

    Here's some more info on accomplishing this:

    • Add a new custom field called Portfolio. Since you can add a Project into multiple Programs, make the Portfolio value a drop-down/single choice option to reinforce the 1-1 relationship; have it contain your Programs
    • Run a Project Status report (or whichever you have configured for this)
    • Group By > Add Portfolio, then Add Program (your existing custom field)
    • Save/Run

    What this will do is roll up only the project data into Programs where sharing/not sharing between projects exists as their own line items.

  • Calvin Hsu

    Another example....

  • Dylan Wright

    Hi there,

    If you still need a helpful resoure for accomplishing the portfolio and program management visibility, check out our new article for Portfolio & Program Management!



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