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Agile Burn down charts & Reports




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    PI Marketing


    There is a burndown chart, albeit a little tricky to understand where/how to obtain it. One has to have the Allocation feature going with budgets and whatnot:

    That said, here's the configuration to build it out:

    Hope that helps!

    PS--If you're not measuring with budget, you can swap out the axes for whatever questions you're trying to answer.

  • Robert Geramita

    I too would agree with Mario. One of the nice features of Project Insight is that you can work in multiple methodologies- Waterfall and Agile. However, without the ability to use reports like Velocity Charts and Burndowns Charts, with the use of Story Points or T-Shirt sizes, it defeats the purpose of using Agile in the tool. Was hoping that you would have a date on your roadmap as to when these Agile features would be available. It would be invaluable to my organization, since I have some teams operating in Agile, and don't want to have to purchase another tool to help with Agile projects. I know that the Burndown Chart is available, but you can only view it by Year or Quarter, can't use story points or T-shirt sizes. Hoping others are also requesting this and have run into my issues too, so as to move this to the top of the feature request list.

  • Mario Noronha

    Thanks Kevin

    As pointed out by you I found these options under the Budget Report

    I will review this in detail and see if this helps derrive the Sprint wise burn down reports.

    Earlier there used to be column at the Tasks level for Burn down.

    Thanks for pointing this out. i will check and come back in case i need any assistance




  • PI Marketing

    I'd agree with you that more reporting is needed. What we've discovered, however, is that those who want these reports are generally already getting them with their primary work tools, such as Azure DevOps or Jira. And PI level sets all the different inputs from all these blended methodologies for meaningful insights 👍

  • Vickie Janco

    Are there any updates on this? Velocity and Burndown charts would be extremely helpful! 


  • Fernando Montes

    The Burn Down chart feature will be part of our future Sprints feature. Sprints is currently going through beta testing and will hopefully be available to everyone soon

  • Dylan Wright

    Project Insight now has Burn Down charts as apart of the Sprints Add-On feature. This feature is now available for teams going forward, if anyone doesn't have the Sprints Add-On visible in their Get More Add-Ons page please reach out to for assistance.

    We recently had a webinar walk through on the Sprints Add-On, see more here: 

    Below is an example of how the Sprint charting looks for the Burn Down options;


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