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Baseline API (Project & Task) to get the end date



  • Fernando Montes



    This will require two calls. You will need to get the project you are trying to find the baseline start date for and include the "projectbaseline" in the model properties. When you have the project you will want to get the "id" for the "projectbaseline" object. 

    Then you will do a call for a project and use the "id" from the "projectbaseline" to get a project. The project that is returned is the actual baseline. You can then get start and end dates and compare it to the current project which you got in the first call. 

  • Mario Noronha

    Thanks Fernando

    Just tried what you have suggested and i am able to get the baseline start / end dates



  • Mario Noronha

    Hello Fernando

    I was able to get the Baseline record for Tasks about 17 days back when you had explained the process.

    I am now implementing this solution for a client and now I am not able to get the baseline information it is returning a null value

    I have tried this from the C# Client tester and it also returns a null

    As an e.g.I went to the Client tester screen on the following instance


    I added the task guid and show the model properties of TaskBaseline_id. After i invoke the method it gives the a popup with the TaskBaseline_id

    I then use this TaskBaseline_Id from and invoke the method again. It then gives me a null value

    Something seems to have broken with accessing the baseline data.

    Can you please check and confirm the scenario i have mentioned and let me know in case there is another way to access the baseline information?




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