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Updating Custom fields added to a Project - API's



  • Alex Roman

    Hi Mario,


    I'm not sure if this is the issue but I see an e after Custom (CustomeFieldValue should be CustomFieldValue)

    array("CustomeFieldValue:CustomField2;CustomeFieldValue"=>"Mario summary","Name"=>"Marios Test Project","Id"=>"e4035f06-a5d2-4339-981c-1f089e653395");

    it should be 

    array("CustomeFieldValue:CustomField2;CustomFieldValue"=>"Mario summary","Name"=>"Marios Test Project","Id"=>"e4035f06-a5d2-4339-981c-1f089e653395");

    Not sure if that is the cause but I did notice that would cause issue.

  • Mario Noronha

    Hey Alex

    The extra e was a typo while i was adding this issue. The code is without the "e"

    $data_array =  array("CustomFieldValue:CustomField2;CustomFieldValue"=>"mario summary","Name"=>"mario","Id"=>"e4035f06-a5d2-4339-981c-1f089e653395");

    I do not receive any error it returns the following success string

    array(6) { ["SavedId"]=> string(36) "e4035f06-a5d2-4339-981c-1f089e653395" ["SavedCount"]=> int(1) ["Success"]=> bool(true) ["SaveIdAlternate"]=> NULL ["Errors"]=> array(0) { } ["HasErrors"]=> bool(false) }


    but the data is not updating in the customfield2 text box. Is there a different way i need to reference the customfield2 for saving?




  • Fernando Montes


    I have never use the API using an array like. The way I normally do it is using our c# client or passing in json. The json i would pass for this would be 

    "Id": "e4035f06-a5d2-4339-981c-1f089e653395",
    "Name": "Marios Test Project",
    "CustomFieldValue": {
    "CustomField2": "Mario summary"



    The CustomField2 is a string within the object of CustomFieldValue within a project. So you will have to show that accordingly. I am not sure how you would do that in an array as you are doing. 

  • Mario Noronha

    Thanks Fernando,


    This worked for me.. Just pasting the webservice call here as it could be helpful for someone trying to update the data via services via PHP

    $make_call = callAPI('POST', '', '{"Id": "e4035f06-a5d2-4339-981c-1f089e653395","Name": "Marios Test Project","CustomFieldValue": {"CustomField2": "Mario summary 123"}}');
    $response = json_decode($make_call, true);

    echo var_dump($response);





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