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Copying data to description does not work using Right-Click and paste option


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  • Wes Kliewer

    A right-click does appear to paste and it looks like it works. When you save the new content is not saved UNLESS you take some keyboard action within the editor before saving. Yes, it's a nuisance and we plan to fix it without knowing exactly how we'll fix it at this time. HTML editors are third-party integrated tools that require infrastructure modifications to change. We could fix this problem of right-click not working and lose functionality of greater value.

    That's the short reason we don't see this fix coming soon, much as we'd like to throw out the tool and replace it with something better immediately. I like the one I'm using right now to respond to you much better, but part of what makes it quick/easy is that it has very few options. For example, I can make a hyperlink, bold text, numbered lists, bullet lists and insert an image. I cannot edit raw HTML, underline or make an ordered list using letters. I'm personally fine working within those limitations, but others are not.


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