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Project Baseline data, where is it in the API?



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    Fernando Montes

    Getting the baseline information through the API can be a bit tricky. The best way to think of baselines from the point of view of the API is that they are copies of the project at a specific point in time. So what that would mean is they ARE a project. This will hopefully make sense by then end of this.

    First step is to create the API call to get the projects you want the baseline information for. Once that call has been made you will need to make sure to include "ProjectBaseline_Id" in the model properties for that call. (If you have nested objects in the model properties make sure you put the correct properties in the correct order based on the hierarchy of the properties. In this case you have to make sure to put "ProjectBaseline_Id" before the first semi-colon because this is a property of the project.) 

    Okay after you have made the API call you should receive back all the information you have asked for, make sure the grab out the "ProjectBaseline_Id". With the id you will now make another project call such as this (of course swamping out exmaple and "ProjectBaseline_Id' for actual values):"ProjectBaseline_Id"  

    What this call above will return is the default model properties of the baseline project. All the information you get from that call is baseline information. You can add model properties to the call to get all sorts baseline information. 

  • Robert Aronovici


    If you're trying to access the Baseline object from the API, you'll need to use the latest API Web Client or upgrade your PI, since the update occurred earlier last month.

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  • Robert Aronovici


    Perhaps you are referring to the BaselineDateTimeUTC? Within PI, we also label that field as "Date Set" - The date and time the baseline was capture.


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