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Possible data missing in Production On Premises, Rest API, v18.1.0.9, Project.ActiveAndPlanningUserCanView



  • Wes Kliewer

    Please double-check by running a project report in production which includes last comment. Are both dev and production the same PI version?

  • Gary Holbrook

    OK, now it gets interesting!  :-)  on the Production server, in the Rest API if I do a Project.Get using these Model Properties: Project:ItemNumber,LastComment,Comments;

    I get a sh*(#@load of Comments, but no LastComment.  So where did LastComment go?


  • Gary Holbrook

    Answer to Wes' previous question:   Yes, I ran the Rest API report in both Dev/Test and Production.  Both versions are  Even though the ItemNumber values are the same, the LastComment_Id is null in most of the Production output, but populated and includes LastComment on the Dev/Test side.

  • Alex Roman

    Hi Gary,

    There is a known issue in that version and we went over it a long time ago during office hours when you were testing in your Dev environment, you must allow the company to view internal comments, then you will see the last comment. I believe that day we only applied in your dev environment, once you do that you should be good.


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