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Report adding calculated field



  • Kevin Perkins

    Hey Mario,

    I think the easiest way to do what you want would be to Save the Report and then interrogate the Saved Report Title using jQuery....

    1. Save your report with a Title:

    2. When you build your calculated column, just put an "if()" block around it that looks for a string of your Saved Report name:

    To look for your Saved Report name, there are probably a few hundred ways to do that, depending how you're using JavaScript. Here are some off top-of-head:

    Regular JavaScript:

    • str.indexOf()


    • :contains()
    • .has()

    Happy coding!



  • Mario Noronha

    Thanks Kevin

    Yeah i was thinking on those lines of either using the title or the report id. the only downsize to this one would be that in case i have other tasks reports where i have customization's to be done would mean that the coding will get a bit longer and difficult to read through.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Kevin Perkins

    Certainly keying on title or ID will only give you the one-off. You'd have to grab some value that was shared by all these reports...a category, type, etc. Happy coding!


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