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Allow User Import update custom fields ('User Resource Selector')



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    Jeff Berkel

    Hello Georgie:

    Importing user selector custom field input controls is working now. We support these types in the user import:

    • User Selector
    • User Selector Multiple
    • User Assignment Selector
    • User Assignment Selector Multiple
    • User Resource Selector
    • User Resource Selector Multiple

    Here is an example:

    1. I have a custom user field, input control = User Resource Selector called “Direct Supervisor”.  In this scenario I set all Direct Supervisors (except for me) using the PI User Import feature…

    2. Exported the user list as a CSV, opened it, and saved it as an excel .xlsx workbook (remember to include the required fields – User ID, First name, Last Name & Email Address)

    3. Added the direct supervisors into the excel file (remember that the first/last name combo must exactly match the first and last names in the supervisors’ PI user profiles)

    4. Imported the file using the PI User Import feature

    5. Saved the import and all users’ Direct Supervisor were set



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