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How to importing MS Project with predecessors



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    Wes Kliewer

    Good news, Jeff. We have it working now. Please give your import another try and add a new reply for any problems you experience. Thank you.

  • Wes Kliewer

    Thank you for reporting this, Jeff. This is a bug in the import add-on that does not include the predecessors in the import. Development is aware of it and expects to have it resolved soon. What's soon? We should have an update on the timeline later today. Our apologies for the problem.

    If there's something we can do to assist with the set up in the meantime feel free to upload (not import) your Project file into your system so we can use the file to help get the predecessors into the schedule for you.

  • Wes Kliewer

    We plan to have this fix in place at the end of this week for production use by Monday morning. It may take a little longer and we'll update this post if we don't implement as expected. It's a relatively simple fix being that it already works correctly in the PI#enterprise system.

  • Wes Kliewer

    The planned update to fix the predecessor import did not occur last week. We will continue to assist customers who wish to upload their XML project data files to us for implementation into the PI#team intelligent scheduling add-on. Import the file into the schedule and then upload the same file into the documents section for the project created by the import. We will access it and fix the missing predecessors in your schedule.

    Our apologies for the delay. We should have an update on our progress to fix this problem later this week.

  • Jeff

    Wes and Olivia,

    This is terrific.  Thank you. It looks like a perfect translation.  We can now build out the program and use it within our organization.  We will be adding members shortly

    On another topic, we want to use the document management system.  We have subscribed to it at a preliminary level.  However, the workflows are not sufficiently easy to use and there are some inconsistencies.  I cannot implement it as it currently stands.

    I have documented much of my thoughts to Olivia, but wonder when it will become more user friendly.


  • Wes Kliewer

    Much of our more recent development effort has focused on integrating more ubiquitous file management systems, such as the OneDrive and Google Drive options that are offered free-of-charge with PI#team. Is one of those platforms, or even one that we don't currently offer, a better fit?

    The synchronization features of OneDrive and Google Drive simulate local file system capabilities with the appearance of a purely online, single-source file server. While neither of those two may be a perfect fit for your environment, are they better from a user-friendly perspective to avoid the upload requirement for saving the latest file version?


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