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Create an Excel add-in




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    Wes Kliewer

    Thank you for your request. This is currently available with some initial setup that works for many, although not all, data fields in the reports. It's native to Excel and Power BI to get data from the Web so we leverage that Excel feature along with the REST API. You can see the setup instructions here.

    Professional Services uses this same tool for customers who choose to use our services rather than perform the setup themselves. Sometimes the data that you want in the report is not available from the database without running a real-time stored procedure to calculate it in which case Professional Services is required.

    I have heard reports from customers that saved reports can be loaded directly into Excel by accessing the URL for the saved report, but we are not yet supporting it because it won't always work. That's likely to be the easiest way to make it work in the future to better fulfill your request.

  • James Colvin

    Hi Wes


    Thanks for this; I tried this but on my work PC I have a slightly different layout (using Excel 2010).

    My personal laptop has the latest Excel, but I get a 500 Internal Server Error. Could you advise? Maybe I should raise a ticket for this?


  • Wes Kliewer

    Thank you for trying it out! We are working exclusively with Office 365 for connections to the application so your laptop should work. That error might be an issue with SSO so we will need to look into some more specific detail in regards to your connection. Please open a ticket for it and we'll figure out next steps to make it work for you.

  • James Colvin

    Cheers Wes, already raised - super to see this functionality exists!


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