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Gantt Chart indication line




  • Official comment
    Margaret Campbell

    This was completed in our 20.5.0 Release. You can see an example of it here:

  • Jeff

    It is also important for making slides for management.  Otherwise, I have to import into MS Project for print options.  However, that is less than ideal.  I would also enable vertical lines to be placed every month,quarter or year for reference.  I have found quarters to be best.

  • Holly Carr Valdes

    I tried to vote however when I click the up arrow the count decreases. 

  • Margaret Campbell

    Hey Holly,

    When your vote decreases, it means you've already voted for the feature. You'll see a slight nuance in color if you've voted for it (it's light blue):

    It's so if you vote for it and you make a mistake, you can unvote to correct yourself.


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