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Deleting completed tasks in the Assignment Board



  • Nathan Walker

    Why does it appear incomplete if it's on the 100% complete part of the board?

  • Donna Rosato

    It's showing 100% complete in the Task List.  It shows as an open task in the Assignment Board.  These are the responses I received when I initially contacted PI with my question: 

    (1st response from PI) - I personally have seen 10 feature requests for the Assignment Board. Development's approach is to release a feature and add more functionality to the feature along the product roadmap instead of waiting to release until all users feedback are added to the feature. So, your feature will go forward to Development but as stated it would just gain more tragic and be more visible when looking at features to add on the product roadmap to Development.

    (2nd response from PI) - The feature has not had any option to filter on the Work Status (% complete of the task), I believe that is a feature enhancement that is needed to be added. If you could post on the link below the Feature Enhancement under the Feature Requests, other users in the community can vote on it and it would grab more tragic for the Development team to add the feature.

  • Alex Roman

    Hi Nathan,

    To help clarify what Donna is referring to here, is the "Assignment Board" which appears under the Resource menu on a Project whereas what Nathan is referring to(I believe) is the "Status Board", so yes the Status Board distinguishes between the different status including Done but the Assignment Board does not.  For small projects it works great because you can quickly assign users tasks that are assigned but when it comes to large projects it is not as useful because you see all past tasks that are completed under each user's assignment, which makes the list get long.  What is needed hear is the ability to filter on not showing the completed tasks.  The resource allocation report would be the alternative but further display options are needed on this page.


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