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Portfolios: Strategic vs. Tactical



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    Dylan Wright

    Hi Rania and other PI users,

    We have worked with a few customers regarding their portfolio and program management strategies and it has varied from team to team. 

    What we have found in common are the steps laid out in the article, Portfolio & Program Management

    Please comment below for follow up questions and we'll be happy to address them. 



  • Holly Carr Valdes


    I would love this feature. I clicked the up arrow however it decreased the vote total.  Not sure how else to vote.

  • Margaret Campbell

    Hi Holly,

    If you find that when you click the "upvote" your vote decreases the count, it means you have already voted for this feature. (You can only vote once, so it you click it again we assume you made a mistake in voting for it).

    Trixy trixy logic.

    I like this feature too. I'm going to add my vote to the list.

  • Jim Fuhring

    This feature would be very useful for us as well. 


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