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Delete a resource from a project




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    Margaret Campbell

    Since adding the Task Bulk Editor in the Task List, you can now "Remove Resources" from multiple tasks at once.

    What may still be remaining for this request is those Projects still show as assigned to the Resource if they have historical tasks they've already completed within the project.

    For this user story, you may want to use the "Hide" feature on project lists and dashboards to no longer see that project with previous assignments (e.g. the Dashboard Projects Tile article)

  • Rania Shlien-Dellinger

    Hi Lori, 

    There is a way to do this without editing every task - under your project, go to your Resources list. 

    Make sure your ADMIN function is showing - mine is on the far right-hand side of the screen. 

    If you click on the very first icon, it takes you to a new screen where you can indicate the resource, pull up their tasks, and switch them out with someone else. 

    I'd be happy to help you with this some more if it is not clear- or I am sure support could assist! 

    Good luck!


  • Lori Puetz

    I want to delete a resource from a project WITHOUT replacing them with another person. 

    I don't see an option to just remove the resource.


    Feel free to give me a call and we can review.

  • Rania Shlien-Dellinger

    Hi Lori, 

    I'm on the West Coast - 3 hours ahead of you - so I'm not going to call you right now. Maybe we can chat next week when I'm officially back from Annual Leave. :)

    While I did not find a way to just remove the resource, I was able to click on the count of tasks assigned to the resource and it ONLY pulls up the assigned tasks. I'm curious - are you wanting to remove a resource from completed tasks? Or just tasks that have not been completed? 


  • Kristen Vetter

    Hello Lori,

    We have this same issue.  We would like the user to stay assigned to the tasks for historical reference, even though they are no longer active on the project.



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