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Email Reply Adds Comment in PI



  • Official comment
    Wes Kliewer

    Thank you for voting up this feature request. We do like this one!

    The Outlook Connector does save email into PI items along with attachments using the "Save to PI" option. The PI Outlook Connector is a client-side application, unlike Zendesk which works by always sending email to a proprietary Zendesk email address. If you send an email for help directly to me instead of the ticket, Zendesk does not receive it and I have to direct the email into the correct ticket number. We have to change how we approach this feature with different tools.

    I'm not sure exactly how it's going to work or when it will be available because we are still experimenting with different methods. I'm as anxious as you to have this in our tool set!

  • Jens Gardner

    This would be an incredible feature.  It's funny that PI uses Zendesk for their HelpDesk which has exactly this feature built in.

    In addition to this, being able to start an email in outlook and pick an item (task / to do / document / etc) to attach the email content and attachments to would be great.  I imagine this could be done relatively easily using the Outlook connector software they have built.


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