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Stopping receiving alerts



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  • Wes Kliewer

    Auto-alerts are an existing feature which have not been deprecated or otherwise disabled. If you are no longer receiving auto-alerts, it is either a problem with the system settings as configured by your PI administrator or another technical problem with the existing auto-alert feature. Thousands of auto-alerts are received via email by thousands of  PI users all day every day. Your administrator can troubleshoot with our technical support team to ensure the system is sending those alerts to your email address.

    There is a similar new feature in the works which we see as surpassing email. We are going to add IM as an additional notification stream. Of course, email messages will continue for the foreseeable future. Some of the problems with email, one of which you may be experiencing, are all but eliminated by modern IM systems such as Slack. For example, a problem with the high volume of email from automated systems like PI is that they are sometimes categorized as spam or security risks and blocked by corporate mail servers and/or Internet Service Providers. Slack channels don't have this issue.


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