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Links within Reports on Dashboards open within iFrame




  • Official comment
    Wes Kliewer

    This request was completed as of release

  • Margaret Campbell

    Wow! Thanks Wes! That was fast turnaround. It took negative time to complete this request!

  • Nathan Walker

    Woohoo! Been asking for this since day 1!

    But - I can't get it to always work.

    For example, if I make a task report and one of my fields is "Project", when I click on the Project, it will take me to the task list but within the iFrame :( - clicking the Task link works however.

  • Wes Kliewer

    Looks like our plans to have it always work had a bit of a design flaw. We're on it and we will post a fix to this and any others we find to still load in the iFrame. Thank you, Nathan!


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