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Resource Report - Work Adjusted Calculation by % Complete



  • Permanently deleted user

    Can this function so it calculates the remaining time by the actual hours inputted instead of the work status? And the work status would be auto-calculated based off of the actual hours instead of having to be set manually? Calculating the remaining time based on actual hours inputted instead of the work status is more accurate with how much time is remaining on the task. Is this possible to do?

  • Wes Kliewer

    The "Work Hours Remaining" is based upon the "earned value (hours)" versus the actual hours.

    Your suggestion is that the report would use another option, which is currently labeled in report columns as "Var. Work Hours vs Actual." That value can go into negative hours as time entries exceed the planned/estimated hours. For the purposes of the report, I presume that PI would value all work as 100% complete once the variance is 0 or fewer hours.

  • Kathy Lee

    I agree with Rachel Wood. If the remaining time were calculated by Actual Hours entered, then the task owner doesn't need to remember to go that extra step of setting the Work Status or Percent Complete.

    ...Because we all know asking a lot of individuals to do an extra step can be challenging.

  • Kathy Lee

    Thank you for adding this function! It will really help my organization manage resources.

    A request:

    We also use the Remaining Capacity row to see how much capacity a resource has in the future, so we can estimate whether they would be available for a new project.

    We also use the "Over Allocated Work Hours" row to see exactly how much over (10h over or 100h over?).

    Currently, when I change the Work Status/Percentage Complete (e.g., from 0% to 30%), both row numbers stay the same. 

    Would it be possible to have a "Remaining Capacity Adjusted" row and an "Over Allocated Work Hours Adjusted" row? Then, for the purpose of my organization, we would just use all the "Adjusted" display options. 

    This will greatly increase the accuracy of resource allocation for tasks with long durations, without having individuals manually closing old tasks and opening new ones each month. 

  • Kathy Lee

    One more observation:

    Right now, if I mark a task 90% complete, it will distribute 90% of the time evenly across the duration that has past, and then distribute the remaining 10% of the time across whatever duration is left.

    HOWEVER, if I mark the task as 100% complete with duration left on the calendar, the report displays as if the task is 0% complete (time evenly distributed across the entire duration of the task).

    Shouldn't the report show 100% of the time be distributed across the duration that has past? And zero time going forward from the day the task is marked 100% complete?

    I know I can change the Display option to uncheck "Include Completed Tasks", but then it looks like the task owner has done no work by mid to end of month, making them look like they were under allocated for the whole month.

  • Wes Kliewer

    Sorry for the delayed answer, Kathy.

    Changing completed tasks to differ in the past allocation reporting from the PM's current schedule are not planned. So yes, you have to change the schedule to match the past if you want historical allocation data to match the dates within which the work was completed.


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