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Extract Saved Report to Excel without API



  • Mario Noronha

    Hey Wes

    Good Day to you. I was reading through your articles and seen the below link which allows me to get my Project or Tasks related data into Excel using API's.

    This works great and i was able to get the desired data into excel.

    I seen the other article of getting the saved reports into Excel (this article). I tried the steps and when i link i see a lot of options. One of them is the data list (which is data in the table form). I have a graph in this report. I am not able to see the graph. see screen shots below

    Do you have an idea on how we can display the graph?

    Is there a way to show both the graph and the data?

     Appreciate your response.



  • PI Marketing


    I did some tests this AM, and we can provide images with the token. However, the challenge is, the graph is a JavaScript output that creates SVG, and not an image (.jpg, .png, etc):

    Therefore, a direct link to the image doesn't exist. In order to do it the way you're asking, you'd need to somehow hack the existing data into a graphic format first, and then link to it. Right now, I don't know where an "alternate" is on our roadmap, but I will bring it up at the next developer meeting.

    Another thing you could do is download the tabular data and recreate the charts in Excel. Then it will be a lot more seamless.

  • briyan kelly

    Thanks for sharing the valuable information.


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