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Project Insight for Azure DevOps Overview



  • Eric Tabanou

    I understand that the integration with Azure DevOps doesn't upload time information in PI if the DevOps project is based on the Scrum template (as opposed to Agile or CMMI). Does the time information get uploaded to PI if a tool like 7pace timetracking is used with an Azure DevOps Scrum project?


  • Dylan Wright

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for posting your question! To answer your question, the Azure DevOps integration with PI will bring over your "time" into PI as an out of the box feature. This feature is limited to a fairly linear relation of the time from DevOps to PI - the time changes will only associate as Time Entries by the Task Owner in PI, not necessarily who made the time update in DevOps. 

    Want a more detailed record of time updates from DevOps to PI? The 7pace Timetracker gives value is it will indicate who made the time update in DevOps after that time entry is created in PI. 

    Let us know if you have any questions from here, thank you!



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